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Franchising in the Middle East and Arab World.

“Get to understand the updates on Franchising in the Middle East and Arab World “ as shared by the country's acknowledged "Franchise Guru".  Dr.Khaled Taki

As  one of the pioneers and founders of the Arab Franchise Association and member of the Lebanese Franchise Association Experts section, he has conducted lectures and franchise’ seminars in many countries including Kuwait, Syria and Lebanon in the Middle East.

Dr Taki is acknowledged as the franchise guru, primarily after assisting small and medium enterprises to become successful Franchisors, using his own  “Tailor Made” Franchise Development Program for the Arab world, available both in the English and Arabic languages, which became successful. He is presently specializing in designing concepts and developing Franchise programs for Franchises which can be owned operated and cater to the Arab women.

“ In this decade Franchising will be the secret behind the growth of many home grown popular brands, and also contribute to the success of  the young new entrepreneurs in their roles as Franchisees or  franchisors, new Franchisor networks will surface in the market place providing for franchisees a safe entry into business, because of a solid track record based on the tried and tested system,” said Dr Taki

He also been the consultant of over 50 companies, most of which are family owned and practice traditional systems, in the process of adopting   the Franchise option for expansion and have today become the new Arab Franchisors and similar assistance has been given to companies to in Lebanon, Kuwait, The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Syria, Europe and the United States as founder and head of FBC Franchise Business Consultants, based in Beirut Lebanon www.fbcfranchise.com

“I believe that when one of the 22 Arab countries adopts our proposed Franchise Law legislature, the rest will follow. We are working very hard to see this happen in my home country of Lebanon, and working hand in hand with others in Syria, Jordan, Bahrain, Kuwait and the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.  The main obstacle was the lack of awareness by the public at large that a law is required to protect the value of anyone’s “ KNOW HOW” ,  but we have now overcome this obstacle through a number of lectures which we continue to offer gratis to the public in cities across the Arab world.  Government officials are now more receptive to our proposal and acknowledge the need for a Franchise Law, so in my opinion it is a matter of WHEN the law will be passed and implemented and NO LONGER IF.”  said Dr Taki.
 “In the Arab world, Franchisors are aware that hiring a professional to develop the franchise system in NOT an expense but an investment for the company’s growth and expansion.  FBC is such a professional franchise developer, which allows the Franchisor makes them highly recommended for homegrown businesses that are thinking of franchising their business,” He added

FBC Franchise Business Consultants provides a wide variety of Franchise Developers’ services which include franchisor consulting solutions, franchise lead assistance and franchise lectures, seminars and workshops.  FBC can assess an existing franchise program, develop and install a franchise organization as well as provide processing assistance from applications to branch openings. FBC Franchise system helps the Franchisor cut costs and make the company’s operations more efficient in preparation for franchising.

“It is very important that everyone wishing to enter and participate in the Franchise sector be aware that proper Franchising is the only sure way for a business to succeed, because it minimizes the risk of failing. It requires a long term commitment on behalf of both the Franchisor and Franchisee, because the concept if it duplicates it right by the Franchisor then it can be managed right by the Franchisee. It is like a catholic marriage where the two parities have to work at the marriage and divorce is not an option, thus the franchisor and the franchisee should be the perfect match.”  He added 
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